While we take today to spend with family, we’re reflecting on how fortunate we are to live in these times. Behind us stretches a history filled with expanding human wisdom; before us stretch many exciting opportunities made possible by that wisdom and the hard work of those who seek to expand it.

We owe a wealth of gratitude to uncountable visionaries past and present for pointing the way forward. And yet more to those whose work has allowed humanity to reach this crucial moment when we have the luxury to catch our breath, take stock of our individual and societal impact, and seek to improve our world moving forward.

On a personal level, thank you to everyone who has joined us on our exciting journey: our investors, advisors, trustees, operating partners, extended team, and family and friends who have pitched in to make OWLshares possible. Great things lie ahead, stamped forever with the heart and soul you’ve added to our mission.

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at OWLshares.

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