Are you concerned with the footprint of your business or investments? Check out The ImPact to explore how simple changes in your investment strategy can have a wide impact on the world. 

The site is pitched toward philanthropic families (and family offices) who are considering impact investing, but there’s good information for anyone who perceives its economic benefits. 

In the intro video cofounder Justin Rockefeller says, “What one does with one’s money has moral consequences. And since I began this journey of aligning my values with investments my returns have improved. Through impact investing, I feel like I’m doing my part.” Watch the whole video to learn more about why impact investing is gaining on philanthropy as an effective way to achieve similar goals.

Putting the “pact” in ImPact

I recently met Justin at the Path to Impact Investing event in Boston, co-presented by The ImPact and investment management platform Addepar. He encouraged me to check out The Pact, which is The ImPact’s call for commitment to two simple principles: 1) Explore the impact of all my investments, and 2) Invest to create measurable social benefit. 

Those principles are core to OWLshares’ own mission, so of course I signed The Pact. Even if you’re not ready to sign, it’s worth reading the Preamble and Postscript for inspiration and a thought exercise. 

Also, there are a few cities left on the Path to Impact Investing tour — are you near one of these? You should check it out. 

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