Exchange-traded fund (ETF) investments are booming, but many retail investors seem unfamiliar with the term and concept. Even some advisors have been slow to embrace what they see as a newcomer in the investment space, though ETFs have continued to rocket in growth since their 1993 introduction.

Looks like ETFs are here to stay. Advisors and investors owe it to themselves and each other to understand how ETFs work and explore whether these funds belong in their strategies. But where to start?

We’ve vetted four great resources to help advisors and investors get up to speed on ETFs.

  1. Plain english

This quick introduction from starts by explaining the workings of mutual funds (the ETF’s older cousin) then compares and contrasts the two.

  1. Nitty gritty

Ready to look under the hood? Dive into Investopedia’s ETF entry to learn how funds work and how they might fit some investment strategies.

  1. Show me the FAQs

This easy-to-digest Q&A from ETF Database will answer excellent questions you didn’t even know you had.

  1. Become an expert

Want to really, really get it? This webinar from is so thorough, it even offers continuing education credit to qualified advisors. Better plan ahead, though — there’s 10 one-hour(ish) sessions (see the agenda here), so you might want to catch just the ones that make sense for your needs.

Go get learning. Happy investing!