Big Data Approach to ESG Metrics & Sustainable Investing

Make a positive impact without compromising your portfolio.

OWL Analytics is an alternative data company that focuses on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) research. We help investors integrate ESG data into their investment solutions with the goal of delivering enhanced investment results and positive social impact compared to benchmarks.

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OWL ESG For Wiser Investing

OWL ESG aggregates hundreds of sources of ESG data and research to create company scores and rankings based on a stronger foundation of data, optimized to increase objectivity.

Coverage & Timing:

OWL ESG covers over 25,000 public companies across the world, publishing metrics monthly rather than yearly, providing more actionable data that can be integrated into real world portfolios.

Scores & Rankings:

OWL ESG scores and ranks companies against their peers across thirty core metrics, including twelve key performance indicators that quantify company behavior important to society.

Detailed Data:

OWL ESG provides detailed company specific data on numerous ESG issues, controversial revenue screens, countries of concern, and UN Global Compact compliance.

ESG Meets Big Data

OWL ESG proprietary technology reduces subjectivity at all levels of the scoring and ranking process, providing a firmer foundation for the use of ESG data in the investment process.

More ESG Issues

OWL ESG rates companies on the broadest set of industry accepted ESG issues, providing a more complete ESG picture of every company scored.

More Data

OWL ESG leverages the largest ESG data set in the industry, gathered from corporate disclosures and filings, news sources, NGOs, research firms, and more.

Consensus Model

OWL ESG incorporates numerous viewpoints on corporate sustainability and responsibility from standards organizations, NGOs, and other industry leaders.

Objective Optimization

OWL ESG statistically optimizes multiple viewpoints, effectively creating a best-of-the-best ESG consensus for every company scored.

Custom Investment Strategies that Integrate ESG and Other Smart-Beta Factors

Harness ESG For Performance And Sustainability

Large financial institutions, asset managers, and pensions have chosen OWL Analytics as their preferred ESG data partner. Together, we help clients build sophisticated investment strategies that integrate ESG.

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OWL ESG Investible Strategies

OWL Analytics has partnered with leading investment researchers and financial technology companies to create investible strategies that identify the connections between ESG, risk, and alpha.

Enhanced Performance

Reach for better products. Our sophisticated multi-factor indices based on deep research can provide enhanced investment characteristics compared to common benchmarks.

Sustainable & Impactful

Make an impact. Our indices are optimized by ESG, ensuring that more capital is allocated to companies with higher ESG scores than common benchmarks.

Advanced Data

Harness the best data. OWL Analytics is leading the evolution of ESG metrics. These metrics are built upon the broadest set of sustainability data and research.

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Insights & Resources

Why do institutional investors the world over use ESG?

A significant portion of institutional money managers use ESG research to make investment decisions. They know that ESG provides deeper insight into portfolio risks and opportunities.